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Humane Goose Control

geese off team

geese off team



Who are we?

GEESE OFF! is a woman-owned, family business. Jackie and Joe Evans started the business on the north shore of Long Island at the end of 2002.

We now have six staff, six vehicles, a training center, a mobile office and ten dogs covering Long Island, New York City, Westchester, Putnam, and Southern Connecticut.  In 2008, GEESE OFF! moved its headquarters to a 17 acre training facility in Patterson, New York. 

What does GEESE OFF! do? 

We provide humane Canada goose control services using teams of skilled staff and specially trained Border Collies to clear geese from areas where they have become a problem.  These services involve US Fish & Wildlife Service approved actions such as egg addling of goose eggs (to keep populations of resident Canada geese at tolerable levels), the use of noise-makers and million candle search-lights and, most often, deterrence with our Border Collies. 

These dogs are mostly imported from Wales in Great Britain where they have been raised and trained on sheep.  This provides the grounding necessary to ensure the dogs don’t harm the geese.  It also gives them a much sounder training in the basics of flanking left or right, going straight, walking or running towards the stock and, most importantly, stopping when being told to by the handler.  This enables our handlers to control and direct their dogs at great distances in the field and leads to a safer, more efficient, more effective service.

We need this expensive high-quality type of dog because Canada geese habituate very quickly to static deterrents such as fake coyotes, plastic alligators, flashing lights, people, even other breeds of dogs.  However, geese never lose their fear of a well-trained Border Collie, a dog that uses the strength of its eye and threatening body language to persuade the birds to move away.  It’s how a single sheepdog can move a flock of 500 sheep.  The dog doesn’t have to use its teeth to move the animals.  It presents an implied threat - a unique power.

How GEESE OFF! communicates with its customers

Every single day for the seven years in which we have been in business, we have kept Activity Logs for all our clients. These detail the date and time of every visit made to each property, logging the amount of geese found and cleared per visit.  Weather conditions and the name of the handler and dog are also included so we can track patterns to better prepare us for the future.  These Activity Logs are sent once a month to every one of our customers. As a clear statement of who we are and what we’re doing, all our vehicles and our staff’s uniforms sport large, highly visible GEESE OFF! logos.

How GEESE OFF! handles incoming inquiries from prospective new customers:

  1. Consultation on your goose problems

    If you have a goose problem and you’re uncertain of the best methods of solving it, call us. After an initial phone conversation and a study of your property on Google Earth to evaluate the proximity to our customer base in the tristate region, we will offer you a free consultation.

    We will visit your property for in-depth interviews with you and/or staff who have good knowledge of the extent of your problems with Canada geese.

    This consultation allows us to determine:
    • Estimated schedule of visits
    • Resources Required
    • Length of Contract
    • Cost

    If requested, we include a free Site Analysis with your goose control proposal.  This includes an overview of the life cycle of Canada geese, a description of the goose seasons, the difference between resident and migrating Canada geese and recommendations for solutions to specific, individual goose problems.

  2. The Program

    After the visit and the analysis, GEESE OFF! will design a program that will meet your needs and your budget. Depending on the level of goose activity on your property, we will provide either an Intensive Care Program, a Maintenance Program, or a combination of both. We will remove your nuisance Canada geese humanely, efficiently, and effectively.

    You do not have to take our word for it. We will give you a list of our clients. We invite you to ask them what we have achieved for them.

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