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  • There are an estimated 3.5 – 5 million illegal aliens, or resident geese that have outstayed their 6 month tourist visas in the US.

  • Many people in the northeast see them as avian vandals.  The average adult Canada goose eats 3 lbs of grass each and every day damaging up to 5 square feet of turf in the process.

  • Each adult Canada goose drops 1 ½ lbs of effluent every day.  Some deny that contact with Canada goose feces presents a risk to humans.  The US Department of Agriculture’s National Wildlife Research Center would appear to think otherwise:

    “Two recently completed studies characterized E. coli in goose feces found in urban environments. In a Fort Collins, CO study, the overall prevalence of pathogenic E. coli in Canada goose feces was found to be 25% (Kullas, et al. 2002). Four general potentially pathogenic E. coli and two virulence factors were identified. One virulence factor is known to produce severe diarrhea, while the other is associated as a causative agent of infantile meningitis. In this Fort Collins study, researchers also quantified the amount of feces in parks, estimating that a person taking a 1-mile walk in a park was likely to physically come in contact, on the bottom of his or her shoes, with 4-8 piles of feces that contained virulence determinants. A second study, a year-long national survey in New York, Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon and California (Clark et al., unpublished) resulted in findings that were similar to the Colorado study. Together, the two studies suggest that Canada goose feces do pose a risk to humans.”

    *Source: Avian Diseases: Carriage of Bacterial Pathogens by Canada Geese and Blackbirds United States Department of Agriculture National Wildlife Research Center. 2002.
  • The problem will continue to grow unless property owners decide to call in experts like GEESE OFF! to solve their goose problems.

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